Established in 2015 by IIT(BHU),Varanasi alumni, Aquvio is a leading water purifier Startup, recognised by "Startup India Standup India".

Leveraging rich technical expertise and a robust academia association, we develop water purification technology solutions tailored to your requirements.

Aquvio is currently incubated at the Malviya Centre for Innovation,Incubation & Entrepreneurship,MCIIE TBI, IIT(BHU) Varanasi, giving us direct access to the leading authorities and experts in India, and state-of-the-art research infrastructure of the campus.

Aquvio have built Cost and Energy saving Reverse Osmosis based water purifier by minimising the waste-water generated

The current reverse osmosis based water purifiers when fed 4 litres of water, waste nearly 3 litres of water and produces 1 litre i.e. around 20-30% recovery. The waste water just runs in the drain. This has become a big pain point.

We built this innovative technology which gives around 70% recovery of product water. When fed with 4 litres of water produces nearly 3 litres of product water and rejects nearly 1 litre water. Aquvio have reduced the power consumption and production cost per litre by half. The duty cycle has also been increased to 800 litres per day capacity as opposed to a regular 500 litre per day capacity. This is with a lower power capacity of 84 watts, and a 50 per cent reduction in water wastage. With the mineral concentration in their product, we also meet the required water quality standards.

Why Us?


  • Mineral Rich Potable Water
  • Saves Water and Energy
  • Cost Effective
  • Technology protected by an International Patent.


The current systems will take 2660 litres of water to generate 800L of potable water. Considering the cost associated with ground water extraction, transportation of water to overhead tank, storage, Municipal waste water and energy(power) in this region, the total cost comes out to be INR 0.58/ litre. Aquvio provides solution by reducing the cost to INR 0.29/Litre and the same quantity of water can be generated for 1150 litres of feed water.

Aquvio have reduced the water wastage and energy consumption by 50%. Aquvio is saving 1500 Litres of water every day, INR 1L annually of customers with a payback period of 15 months contributing huge to the economy of the country.

Social Impact




Water Saved

>5 Lakh Litres >1 Crore Litres

Drinking water

6K people/day 50K people/day

Employments Generated

1 9


1 6

Underprivileged Employees

0 4

Skill Development

1 5

Bag weight reduction (upto 8th class)

800 students/day 20K students/day

Economic uplift (1 person="1L" annually)

0 INR 1L

Government Schools Underprivileged

0 1

Underprivileged Students

250 5000


Our Strengths 

  • IIT-BHU Incubation – Access to Technical Expertise and State-of-the-Art Research Facilities
  • Unique Business Model, Enabling Successful Technology Development
  • Expert Team of In-House Ideators, Academia and Industry Experts
  • End-to-End, Reliable and Cost-Effective Solutions



Client satisfaction is what drives our organization. We achieve high levels of customer delight through:

  • Excellence in innovation
  • Development of high-quality, cost-effective solutions and technology
  • Continuous improvement of our systems and processes
  • Hard work, integrity and transparency in all our endeavors