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    India's First RO based ​
    Water Purification Technology
    with more than 70% recovery rate,
    and Alkaline Water.

India's Water Crisis

        According to National Green Tribunal, today people are wasting 80% of water for obtaining 20% of clean drinking water. This is alarming when seen in context to current situations in Chennai and parts of Maharashtra, where water scarcity is rampant, lakes have dried out. 21 Major cities in India are expected to run out of water by 2020.

        On Right is the Puzhal Lake in Chennai, both pics are taken on same day but a year apart. The pictures as these remind us that today we need to use water more judiciously than ever.

Today's Water Scenario

"Aquvio is Reversing 
​the Water Equation by ​Using its 
​RO Technology"

What we Provide...

Reduced waste Water by 50%

as compared to our direct competitors who 30% recovery that is 50% less than ours.

Provides 50% more Water

than the competitors offering same products but with less efficiency.

Saves 50% more Power

than the nearest competitors in terms of power savings.

Our Social Impact

  • Using our RO Technology people have saved 10 Crore Litres of Water as of May, 2019.
  • Next year, we plan to increase it more than double to around 25 crore litres per day.
  • Our Water Purifiers are providing clean and alkaline water to almost 50000 underprivileged students, in turn reducing their bag weight.
  • Today more than 1.2 million people in India can turn on a tap and safely use water that is pure and alkaline because of our efficient state of the art RO based water Purification Technology. 
  • All of these is accomplished by using 50% less energy than our Competitors.

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